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“Your Neon Manufacturer creates beautiful handmade neon lamps and wall art. We can brighten up your business logo, name, favourite quote or picture and turn it into something great.

Glass tubes are the source of our work, including the signs shown on our site. If you're after a classic and great look and want to buy a glass neon sign or artwork, you can tell by the handiwork of our craftsmen that we are the best.

Get Captured by Neon!

There are some great reasons to choose neon sign;

It is durable; We use the latest and most robust production technologies of glass neon.

Energy Efficient; Our neon light signs are both economical and environmentally friendly. They have low energy consumption and a lifetime of 50,000+ hours.

It is safe; All our materials are A quality and guaranteed for life.

Easy to Install; All of our custom neon lights are shipped to you with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and wall mounting.

Easy to Maintain; Our custom neon signs are very long lasting and easy to clean.

It is lightweight; Our specially designed signs are lightweight and portable. These products are a great detail for your decorations. We can produce all kinds of wall or door ornaments. Moreover, it is an extraordinary alternative as special individual gift ideas."

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