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Double Row Neon

Double row neon can be used for signs, ornaments and interior decoration with both its aesthetic appearance and effective lines. The double design of the glass columns and the colour transitions of the nen gas put in it give an elegant appearance. Expertly crafted designs will provide a colourful look that will leave a beautiful impression.

Stylish Double Row Neon Design

Double row neon, which is specially designed for the person, is obtained by designing the glasses in double and thin lines in two rows. A visually eye-catching effect is created by preparing a shaded or two-colour appearance. As very striking models in terms of lighting, they can be decorated with special designs on walls, sign design and interior decoration. For a natural and stylish look, it is very easy to put the desired colour in the glass pipes and give it a colourful appearance. With its modern effect and stylish appearance, the ambiance is provided to gain a beautiful appearance in a different way. Glass designs, which will be processed in a professional way, are designed in the form of figures and inscriptions, giving an aesthetic appearance.

Personalized Double Row Neon Designs

Double rows of neon, where a visual show will be created in the form of text on or next to the figure, as well as reflective text, ensures that letters or texts are reflected in double rows. An eye-catching lighting system can be created by using it as both an effective visual and a stylish design.

With the accessory and decoration effect of the colour, both the environment will be illuminated, and the texts will be reflected in an eye-catching way. The magical visuality created by the gases put into the double glass pipes will provide a long-lasting visual.

The colour harmony reflected on the transparent glasses works perfectly and can be used indoors, especially as a dim lighting system.

Double Row Texted Neon Lighting

Double row neon lights are interesting models that you can enjoy while working indoors and outdoors. Models that you can have for decoration, sign and brand promotions are presented with special designs for you. Double row neon models offer long-term use with eye-catching and stylish designs.

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