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Neon Sign Apprenticeship

"Neon sign is produced by transferring glass pipes and neon gas to tubes. In these processes, which require fine workmanship, shaping the naive structure of the glass and making special designs is a craft work. The predominance of craft in this profession is carefully processed as it is a journey from apprenticeship to mastery. Neon sign apprenticeship is done by working with the master, improving observation and dexterity. Neon Sign Glass Pipe Design For neon sign apprenticeship, it is necessary to determine the glass structure, glass shaping work and gas pressure values well. Glass is shaped with fire to make glass tubes in figures and texted shapes. For a long-lasting use, the air inside the glass is carefully evacuated and gases such as neon and helium are pressed. Apprentices, who are also developing in the field of aesthetics in order to create stylish lighting and visuals of the sign, gain dexterity in this special field with the training they receive from their masters. They need to learn the structures and capacities of small and medium-sized pipes in the field of creativity, dexterity and gas use. A demanding neon master can come to a professional working stage with many years of experience, starting from an apprenticeship. Experienced Neon Crafting and Crafting The colours of the neon gas vary depending on the pressures of the gases, their types and the sizes of the pipe. Recognition of gas types is also required at the neon sign apprenticeship stage to ensure blue, red, yellow, green, white and daylight colours. Creativity, originality and dexterity are very important in sign production made by experienced craftsmen. For this, care is taken to work with experienced craftsmen as well as using quality raw materials in neon sign production. Studies have been carried out for many years to train apprentices in sign production and to develop their skills in this field. Working with professional and experienced neon masters, contemporary designs are included with apprentices. Professionality in Neon Sign Design Neon has a durable structure. For this reason, care is taken to work with masters in the productions, and the use of quality materials and raw materials is ensured. Designing special glass pipes with the desired text and figures for long-term use is ideal for personalized production. Special designs, visual figures and colour integrity are applied to everyone.

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