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Neon Sign Design

It is an artistic work with its neon sign design, aesthetic structure and interesting colours produced in special fire. It is made of small glass pipes with special colour integrity and fine workmanship for bars, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment centres. Figure and letter models shaped in glass pipes are designed according to corporate and individual usage areas. Neon Sign Production and Design Glass pipes, called neon types or rods, are produced by craftsmen by shaping the glass with the help of heat. The pipes, which are shaped by bending in the fire, gain an elegant appearance with letters or figures. The models, which are produced in small, medium, and large sizes, are placed in an airless pipe that will allow the colours to be formed from the combination of neon and argon gases after they are shaped. Blue, red, green, orange, sunlight, white and purple colours are formed depending on the gas used and its type. Neon sign design is produced with a holistic structure that will always make you feel the magic of light and always see the dance of colours. Aesthetics, design and the effect of neon gas will present a stylish appearance in thin transparent glass. Neon Sign Usage Areas Neon sign design can be produced with special designs that can be used in indoor decoration and outdoor. It offers a visually magical atmosphere with the fine workmanship provided by the masters. There will be texted or figure-oriented models as hanging from the ceiling, clips and outdoor signage models. It has a very wide usage area as long-term durable models with its use with a low electricity consumption of around 220 Volts. Models that can last between 10 and 15 years are the models that need to be connected professionally and that must be produced by analyzing the usage area accurately. 1 transformer falls on a 10-meter neon bar. As the neon gas decreases over time, gas reinforcement will be made at regular intervals. Easy To Maintain Neon Sign Easy-to-maintain neon sign models are visually appealing as well as their long-lasting structure. The brand is manufactured with fine craftsmanship for corporate and personal designs. Always ideal for modern, stunning and aesthetic design."

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