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Neon Sign Lifespan

"The life of glass neon sign varies according to the raw material used. Neon is a type of gas that is transferred into glass pipes by pressure. This gas can be durable for a long time depending on the quality of glass and raw material use. Glass diameters vary between 8 mm and 20 mm, depending on the quality of the material used but it guarantees its use for at least 10 years. Glass Neon Sign The life of the neon sign, in which most of the pendant lighting, and neon colouring systems are used, demonstrates its durability with its fine manufacturing as well as the gas and glass quality used. The life of the glass neon sign is generally based on the professional arrangement that makes the electrode wave heat up in printing. Neon sign is manufactured with fine craftsmanship to ensure longevity, and attention is paid to details in the use of glass, pressure, and gas. It is also important to adjust the gas pressure according to colour differences such as blue, purple, yellow, white, and red, and pay attention to the millimetre design of the glass. It will provide a healthy use between 10 and 15 years depending on the place of use, maintenance, and raw material. Tube Neon Sign Made from small tube glasses, neon sign life includes a naive material with precision in its use. For this reason, careful handling from its production will also be effective in prolonging the life of the sign. It is designed according to the purpose of use, instead of the pendant, illuminated text, and neon sign models. It will fulfil its duty in a durable way for a long time with fine workmanship, careful use of materials and quality-oriented production by the masters. The design of small tubes made of glass, the quality of the pressurized gas placed in the glass will also be effective in making the colours of the tube neon sign gain a magical appearance. Special production will be made for creative designs, texted and figure uses. Personalised Sign Design Neon models, which will be used in corporate and individual areas, are brought into the field of use with a sensitive, qualified and professional production. The craftsmen will not miss the fine details in the transformation of stunning colours into sign design with creative ideas. Custom designs are included to use the magical world of green, purple, orange, white, yellow, daylight neon colours in corporate and individual areas.

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