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Neon Sign Making

Neon sign making completes its first phase with careful design of glass pipes shaped by fire. For sign making, first of all, clear glass tubes must be designed with text or figures. In the next phase, the production of signs is started according to the designs, which are divided into two as coloured pipes or transparent pipes. It was named neon due to the lighting caused by neon gas. What is Neon Sign? Neon sign has a design that allows it to gain different colours by evacuating the gas inside the glass pipes and putting the gas inside of them. Neon gas, argon gas, helium and similar gases are injected into the glass pipes to create colourful lights. Texted or figure-oriented designs are made in colours such as blue, red, green, yellow, sunlight, purple and orange. Special designs are made to provide an aesthetic appearance with special colouring and figures to corporate or individual usage areas. Fine workmanship is required in the design for the production of neon signs, and care must be taken to make the gases pressed into the fluorescent glass tubes in a conscious way. Things to Consider While Making Neon Sign To give a bright and aesthetic visual in neon sign construction, the pipes must be carefully designed. In the designs made by neon masters, care is taken to ensure that the pipes are perfect as well as modern creative ideas. After paying attention to the most delicate parts during the construction phase, attention should be paid to the establishment of the correct power connection during the assembly phase, as well as to obtaining sufficient voltage. Neon sign models working with 220 V should be made with adequate and accurate assembly process at the assembly stage. At this stage, a professional team is employed to perform all the fine craftmanship required for long-term use of neon. Neon Sign Maintenance The neon sign model with the accurate power connection will work for approximately 10 to 15 years. Models that can be put into use by making custom designs are taken into gas maintenance at certain intervals. The reason for the lack of light of neon signs is the lack of voltage or the used-up gas in it. Masters will take care of the signs and pressing neon gas.

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