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Neon Sign vs. Box Letter

The box letter, which is produced by laser cutting, is made of plexy and aluminium. The difference between neon sign and box letter is that box sign, which is a material made of chrome, needs a cleaning-oriented maintenance. Although it has an aesthetically charming appearance, neon is a design that offers more vibrant colours. Neon Letter Design and Box Letters Neon letter design has stronger colours than box letter model. Although the box letter is made of stainless materials, it is easier to get dirty and at the same time does not have a special visual appearance. It works depending on the lighting system and provides a longer-term consumption than Neon can be manufactured specially for the person or the corporate with custom designs that are compatible with the exterior and interior decorations. Charming colours are combined with eye-catching colours and designs by masters. Sign models that require manual labour will be effective in drawing attention to the exterior and interior spaces by making them with the requested letter and texted figures. Aesthetic Neon Design There is no big difference between neon sign and box lettering for aesthetic designs. However, neon can be one of the ultramodern models of creativity and innovative use. More vivid colours are used compared to box letter signs and it is provided to be visually magnificent with handmade glass pipes. Gas and colours have more reflective and luminous colours than box models. It can also be designed in small, medium, and large geometric figures as visually aesthetic models. They are attractive designs in which blue, yellow, white, sunlight, purple, pink and green colours can be used for creative, modern, and effective visuals. It is more stunning than the box letter in terms of aesthetics and colour reflection. Unique Neon Sign Design The difference between the original neon design and the box letter design is primarily due to the fact that the glass can be shaped more easily compared to the box models. While it offers a lightweight, stylish, and pure appearance, it also exhibits a higher performance as a lighting system. With fine craftsmanship and modern design, it is ideal for use in outdoor sign usage, interior decoration, suspending-ceiling structures.

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