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Providing a warm and friendly image, Neon is an ideal lighting system for interior decoration. Low pressure helium and mercury vapor are filled into cold electrode tubes. A stylish and dazzling lighting system is created with glass pipes between 3 and 18 meters. Pipe diameters are 10 and 25 mm, and it is planned to emit a stylish light in the use of text and figures. Neon Lighting Systems Neon lighting system is formed with the stylishly designed shapes given by the masters to the glass pipes. Lighting system, which can be used for up to 10 years, are products that are customized for sign making, interior decoration, and gift ornaments. With creative and magnificent designs, brand-oriented sign offers personalized and custom design opportunities. Giving qualified colour tones is provided by professional service and the use of high-quality materials. A special magical atmosphere of private personalized designs will be created with the combination of customized sign designs, ornaments and will of strong colours. In the corporate spaces and individual areas, emphasis will be placed on the quality of lighting systems, as well as displaying their colours. The Magic of Neon Colours Neon with an impressive structure that makes it possible to feel the magic of colour can be produced text and figure-oriented design. It has been developed for studies focused on changing the atmosphere, with the effect of colours on human psychology. It is a modern construction designed for both lighting and attracting the attention of the consumer. It is intended to create a fantastic atmosphere created by design, creativity, and magical colours. A magical environment will be created in interior decoration along with signs, private ornament, and gift designs. It is equipped with details that will make it possible to discover the power of colours in corporate, individual, and private spaces. Neon Sign/ Interior Decoration The effect of lighting in sign production that creates a different ambiance during the night with eye-catching and stunning colours will continue throughout the day. Its quality stance and fascinating colour-cycling are remarkable with its strong and effective colour combination. Models that will demonstrate the reinforcing power of elegance are exhibited with special designs, creativity, and originality. Sign design, written and figured designs, installation of lighting systems will bring together creativity with the magical world of colours. Collaboration is made for meticulous work, fine details and craftsmanship.

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