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Off the Shelf Neon

Neon, which was invented by chemist William Ramsay in 1898, provides Claude neon gas to gain an aesthetic appearance in a glass pipe. Neon, which has a bright and eye-catching effect, is used in ornaments, signs and texted sign areas. It is an advantageous and stylish design with its minimalist structure.

Off The Shelf Stylish Neon Design

Off the shelf neon, which presents a beautiful appearance at night, is expertly shaped with its small structure. It creates an eye-catching festival atmosphere by squeezing 8 to 20 mm of Claude neon gas into small glass pipes. Neon signs, ornaments, and texted signs, which are prepared with quality workmanship and modern designs, can stand all day long without losing their colours and brightness.

With the help of heat, the desired shape is easily given.

It gains an aesthetic appearance without black gaps.

It has long-lasting lighting.

It can have a combination of many colors.

It exhibits an eye-catching beauty indoors and outdoors.

It is also used in the field of signs, texted signs, ornaments, gifts and graphics.

Texted Off the Shelf Neon Design

Off the shelf neon is designed with glass pipes made with fine workmanship by masters. In addition to a stylish and aesthetic appearance, it can be used for a long time and can serve as lighting until late hours. Off the shelf models can be used both indoors and outdoors with a minimalist design, by mounting them on areas such as glass, table or wall.

With personalized designs, small products can be made upon request, while shapes, texts and designs that are also used as off the shelf can be designed as gifts. They are professionally designed for gift, ornamental and advertising uses.

Off The Shelf Neon as a Souvenir

Gift models can be designed as ornaments or for areas such as cafes, restaurants or offices. Since there is a gas in the glass, the shape given to the glass will be sufficient for the lighting and neon task. It is ensured that aesthetic and stylish models are designed individually and also presented as off the shelf models. Off the shelf models are offered that can change the atmosphere of the environment by always illuminating with an eye-catching bright and aesthetic structure.

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