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Single Row Neon

The gas compressed into the glass pipes creates a magnificent lighting system, creating an eye-catching ambiance. The models, which are used both for ornaments, decoration and signs, can be used as single row neon figures and written lighting. They are models that emerge from the creative handicrafts of masters with stylish designs.

Stylish And Personalized Single Row Neon

A single row of neon is projected over just one row of neon lighting columns. The atmosphere created by eye-catching colours can also be used time-adjusted without shadowing. It can be designed by using text and figures among the models that light up occasionally.

The fact that illuminated signs reflect a festival-like image and are remarkable not only has an effective visual power for sectoral areas, cafes, restaurants or markets, but also creates an incredible effect for ornaments. It is presented as special designs that will present the effect created by the gases put into it by crafting glass pipes designed by masters in the form of text or figures. It can be custom designed or used as off the shelf models.

Single Line Written Sign Neon

Single row models are used as signs and are presented with a special colour formation with ingredients such as argon noble gas and helium gas. Neon models, which are used with stylish and creative designs, will gain a special look with both text and figures.

While Argon gives blue light, Helium creates a red-light effect. At the same time, Xenon reveals the bright purple or lavender colour, and krypton is effective in the formation of yellow or white colours. By using these colour tones in fonts and styles, a special appearance is achieved. Written or figured signage can be created in single row neon models.

Single Line Figured Sign Neon

Personalized figure designs will be created with glass pipes and a colourful festival will be created with the gases inside. While the special models are presented by making special designs for the person or the sector, at the same time, beautiful designs are created upon your request. With an eye-catching and gorgeous colourful design, the sign can be used as an interior decoration as well as a gift.

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