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"What is a neon sign, which is one of the stylish and modern designs? Although its features that distinguish it from other signs are not generally known in the public, it is a type of gas. With the interaction of the gases placed in the glass pipes, an electrolyte environment is formed. This environment provides the differentiation of colours and the formation of a bright aesthetic appearance by offering a modern use. How to Make Neon Sign? What is the neon sign used for advertising purposes? Neon sign is designed on the basis of the formation of figures and texts as a result of the fine workmanship of glass pipes by masters. The air inside these thin and designed glass pipes is drawn by means of vacuum equipment, and various gases such as argon, neon or helium are pressed into it. Neon sign models, which gain a colourful appearance thanks to these gases, are effective in making tiny fluorescent glasses gain a magical visuality. The model, which offers a long-term use in sign making, is also designed in the form of double row and single pipes by adding graphics, logos and letters. Models manufactured by masters are ideal for long-term use. Where is Neon Sign Used? What is neon sign and where is it used; Neon sign design, which requires fine craftsmanship and experience, is made with careful work both for the glass to take shape with the help of heat and for the adjustment of the gases pressed into it. For neon models, air is drawn with the help of vacuuming, providing a bright and pleasant visual. Neon signage can be used in corporate, individual, and public spaces. Small sign models can be designed for indoor and outdoor cafes, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centres, bars, as well as ornaments as gifts. With special design and workmanship, long-term durable options are offered that can be used by everyone. Neon interiors and exteriors are harmonious, glass designs. Neon Coloured Glass Designs While neon coloured glass designs gain colour with the gases in neon, coloured glass is used by colouring the contours of neon glass pipes. Colourful glass neon sign models, which are a special design, are used by pressing only a gas inside, so they look just like real neon. These varieties can also be used for neon advertising sign models.

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